Luria Visuals Custom Productions has been serving its clients for over 35 years. Named after the late wife of the original owner Luria Visuals has been at the top of it’s industry serving literally over 10,000 happy clients. Over 30 years of covering priceless moments that we are honored to be part of.  Through photography, cinematography, production, and editing we strive to help our clients remember their cherished moments.

Luria Visuals Custom Production’s philosophy is all about our clients. Our company is truly custom. Each client product is handled, edited, filmed/photographed with our clients in mind. We get to know what our clients are expecting, want, need and wish to truly make each finished product custom for our clients.

Russ Russacov, now retired and living a great life in Florida, the original owner is a legend in the industry.  Russ still remembers each and every client and event for the 30 years he was running the company. To this day he is still close friends with many of our past clients and if you asked any of them they will tell you fondly how Luria Visuals was a huge part of their event and captured their memories perfectly forever.

Michael Adelson the current owner worked for Luria Visuals shortly after they filmed his Bar-Mitzvah in 1987. Russ being a wonderful father figure to Michael trained him for many years. When Russ was ready to retire, he said there was only one person he would trust to carry on his wonderful company and the Luria Visuals traditions/name/business style. Russ partnered with Michael in 2003 and later sold the company to him in 2006. Today Michael is proud to carry on the company and loves all aspects of production. Michael strives to keep the company on the cutting edge with technology and creativity.

Our company is truly our company. All our staff are/were trained by Michael and Russ, we do not just book our staff for the day of your event. We have all been together for years creating memories for our clients. All our staff are professional at all times and in all ways.  More information in the form of staff biographies are coming soon!

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